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Highly accomplished, controversial NZ artist

My paintings reflect my thoughts,  and for myself communication through oils & mixed media is often more reliable than words.   

Of huge interest to me in current times is an individuals' right to express themselves, especially relating to the arts sector.  The value of artists in portraying society and questioning current boundaries and norms should never be shut down - we are absolutely necessary in creating balance within communities.

Recurring themes in my works include religion & indoctrination, group thought, politics, music, gender and fashion freedoms. Lately, I've been exploring the differences between cultural appropriation/appreciation and those boundaries - if any.  I see my paintings as one artist's perspective of today's times, to be talked about and discussed in the future.

One of my favorite quotes;

"I am human: nothing human is alien to me"

                                                                      by Terence

In the beginning..

Nikki Romney's copy of a CF Goldie original. Nikki painted this with full access, knowledge and permission of the owners.
Controversial Nelson artist Nikki Romney

In 2002 I attended Whitecliffs Art College for a year, keen to learn the skills and techniques of the old masters.  Unfortunately no teacher had the skills, or even the interest in realism.  So I went it alone, beginning with a 2-year study into NZ’s own Master oil painter, Charles Frederick Goldie. Visiting every public collection in New Zealand, in particular the Christchurch Art Gallery - here I was able to gain special backroom access to the Goldie paintings, including privately owned works I had never seen before.  It became clear that studying, taking notes, reading, were not enough.  Making numerous trips to visit Goldie’s fabulous Ina te Papatahi in Christchurch, I was permitted to take close-up photos and notes of detail.  I knew already Goldie’s process in painting... so then I started my own.  Copying a Master painter proved the best learning.  Charles Goldie became my teacher, and this painting is the end result.  A huge thanks to the Christchurch Art Gallery, because today no artist would be allowed to do this, especially a Pakeha. Though it’s only a copy, in many ways it’s my most important painting, and it’ll never be for sale, though I’ve had some tempting offers.

Nikki Romney

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