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Media madness is making me sick

Anyone else shocked by the blatant bias being shown by mainstream media, especially TV and radio?

Eye-rolls, sarcasm, loaded questions, opinionated comments, toadying up to the Left - whatever happened to objective journalism? TV1 and 3, Nat-Rad ... they're all equally deserving of contempt.

Newspapers are nearly as bad, especially click-bait driven Stuff, which appears terribly understaffed and inexperienced (in its heyday, our hometown Stuff paper had about 150 staff, now it's 20 or less with only a couple of reporters). Hence next to no local news any more, and the growing feeling that newspapers have lost their way and their relevance.

The Herald's service is a bit better but most of its interesting reads are hidden behind a paywall. So the era of a credible, unbiased, courageous, competent and questioning FREE media - critical to the health of democratic society - is gone.

It's being replaced by increasingly partisan, decreasingly credible, sadly irrelevant, totally incompetent, rubbish.

Instead, people are being driven toward reliance on indie sites and weird social media groups. No wonder conspiracy theory, malicious misrepresentation and simplistic anti-establishment, uncredible bullshit runs rampant.

Mainstream media once tried (without much conviction) to reject claims that they were biased toward the Left ... but can no longer do so. Probably wouldn't even want to.

Their unswaying attempts to discredit the coalition government while propping up the Left at every turn are painful to watch. Are they being paid to run the Chloe for PM campaign?

Old school journos once refused to vote in order to protect and preserve their integrity and impartiality. Today's bunch are probably, unashamedly, card-carrying members of Labour, the Greens and/or te Pati Maori.

It's all a total mess. I've always been a bit of a news junkie. Current issues inform my work, which generally has a socio-political nature, and I've been increasingly aware of how our freedoms are being eroded at the same time as the media has been weakened and corrupted - two vital issues that go hand in hand.

I feel a new painting coming on ... ideas of creative ways to depict a decayed and dying media beast welcome!

(The image above is of an old work of mine - seeing the old enemies Winnie and Judith - Punch and Judy? - working so sweetly together in Oz the other day was the cue to post it now!)

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